Diversity Encourages New Innovation Makers

Ignite Diverse Tech’s mission is to increase inclusion and diversity in technology while helping minorities to prepare for automation by providing resources, technology and opportunities while maximizing the innovative tech experience for the community.

Diverse Action

Action is required to properly address the lack of diversity in tech and for minority communities to be prepared for how automation will affect their lives by 2030.

Diverse Community

It takes a village. Diversity Conversations and Conferences are happening. Get tapped into the movement against the distressing effects that the lack of diversity in technology is having on minority communities.

Diverse Technology

Innovation is rapidly creating new and emerging technology fields and careers. This opens an important economic opportunity for diverse communities.

Start The Conversation

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Ignite Diverse Tech’s Tech Diversity Awareness® pins are the ideal way to show your commitment to sharing awareness about the need for for diversity in technology. Tech Diversity Awareness® pins also works as an awesome conversation starter! Let’s talk and help. Every 60 pins sold grants a hardware scholarship for a minority underprivileged family. 

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Preparation for Automation 2030

The current lack of diversity in technology is distressing for the future of minority ideas, inventions, investors, opportunities and advancement.  Distressed Diversity Excludes New Innovation Makers. 

We’re looking for professionals in the technology industry to take ACTION. Automation will change our landscape by 2030. Join the movement to help mainstream the conversation and increase awareness about the need for inclusion and diversity in tech. Click below for more information about the Tech Diversity Ambassador partnership.

Would you like to be a Tech Diversity Ambassador?

Tech Diversity Awareness

Check out the Tech Diversity DENIM activities for awareness and fundraising options are sure to be a fun way to #DiversifiyTech. 

Preparation for Automation Pledge

Take the Preparation for Automation pledge. Help to increase diversity in tech. #LetsGetReady

Ignite Diverse Tech DENIM Diversity awareness and fundraising goals are to provide underserved, undermined, and underprivileged minority families with (technology) hardware, tech education and economic opportunities.

About 47% of total U.S. employment is at risk of computerization and automation will affect 30% of all jobs by the year 2030. Workers with lower education are at a higher risk. Less than 10% of the tech workforce is comprised of minorities.