Ignite Diverse Tech Committee Members

Mission: Our mission is to increase diversity in technology and prepare minorities for automation by providing resources, technology and opportunities with a family approach.

Vision: Our vision is a diverse tech industry where minorities are equally represented as inventors, investors and leaders.


The most common question we’ve gotten so far is…What do the colors mean? Why D.E.N.I.M.? 

There are three answers to the question. 

1. The colors in the pin are derived from the acronym of Ignite Diverse Tech’s motto/slogan “Diversity Encourages New Innovation Makers,” D.E.N.I.M. 
2. Denim material is an AWESOME analogy for diversity because denim comes in so many colors.
3. And lastly…people in tech wear denim 😉

Marie-Antoinette Tichler

Kendra Emereum

Stephanie Taylor

Latrelle Freeman

Jennifer Ponder

Jessica Henderson

Candice Pettis

Greg Hargar

Brandon Evans